Wednesday, 23 May 2018

SVG Joins Call for "Composite Text" in Negotiations on Security Council Reform

January 20, 2010, UNITED NATIONS (NEW YORK): – Ambassador Camillo Gonsalves of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines today spoke out in favour of a composite text upon which to base negotiations on Security Council reform, and criticized the "creative interpretations" of those states that attacked the formal request for such a text.

Speaking at the informal plenary of the UN General Assembly dedicated to intergovernmental negotiation on Security Council reform, Ambassador Gonsalves referred to a letter that called for a single "text with options to serve as the basis for negotiations," to be prepared by the Chairman of the negotiating process, Ambassador Zahir Tanin of Afghanistan. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines was among 139 countries that signed the letter.

In past statements on Security Council reform, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines has repeatedly called for a "composite paper" of all positions to serve as a basis for negotiations.

"At least 139 member states - in excess of two-thirds of the UN membership - have expressed unambiguous agreement on a particular procedural path," said Ambassador Gonsalves. "It is our hope that this obvious procedural convergence . . . will also lead to substantive convergence in a text-based negotiating process," he said.

Ambassador Gonsalves noted that, among the minority of countries that refused to sign the letter, many states sought to explain away the significance of the request.

"[I]t is curious that many of the States that did not sign the Letter now seek to nominate themselves as its chief interpreters; to look behind the signatures of sovereign member states; and to speak on the behalf of other countries, in contravention of the unmistakably plain language of the Letter itself," he said.

"These creative interpretations do a disservice to the negotiating process, and cannot succeed."

The Vincentian envoy also indicated that a single text would also aid substantive negotiations. "Substantively, our delegation has listened with great interest to Members' discussion of possible points of convergence," he said. "Much of that discussion has been encouraging. However, we believe that such discussion could be further aided and enhanced by the sort of document contemplated in the December 23 Letter," said the Ambassador.

"Saint Vincent and the Grenadines ends by reiterating our full support of your role, and our full recognition of your authority in leading this process toward the solution contemplated by resolution 62/557. We look forward to your prompt preparation of a text with options to serve as the basis for negotiations, and the early commencement of a text-based fifth round of negotiations," said Ambassador Gonsalves.

Ambassador Gonsalves' most recent statement marks the 13th Vincentian intervention on the issue since April 2008. Ambassador Gonsalves also discussed the issue extensively in a November 19, 2008 Statement on the Report of the Security Council (.pdf | " target="_blank">YouTube Video).